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What exactly is our program?


Tier I and Tier II Hockey - Playing our players at the highest level possible, based on each individual team.   


From our onset we have, and will continue to provide our teams and players with the opportunity to:


q         Compete in a setting that pushes our athletes to be their very best on and off the ice (Sometimes this setting is not known until the team is formed)


q         Attain success through hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and desire.


q         Learn from a professional, experienced, educated Coaching Staff throughout the season.


The three most important components to a successful hockey season:


q         Competition (who you play with & against)


q         Coaching (preparation, development, and training)


When working within a fixed budget while planning to compete against the highest level of competition available to your team, sometimes being locked into a fixed schedule prepared by a league with its own best interests in mind, is not the most cost effective way for Alliance to accomplish its goals. Then again-sometimes it is the best way.


q         Exposure for the higher level teams (seeing what’s out there and being seen by who’s out there)


Our Coaching Staff clearly separates the Alliance Bulldogs from other associations simply based on the skills, knowledge, years of expertise and training, proven success records, and communication and teaching abilities that our coaches possess.


q         Our weekday practice facility is centrally located inside the Metroplex to allow players from all corners of DFW to be able to attend as easily as possible.


q         We are backed by a Board of Directors comprised of a strong, ethical, and determined group of people who commit their time and energy towards making sure each one of our players and families have a great ride on the minor hockey express.


About Alliance...


Alliance Youth Hockey Association (AYHA) was originally established to provide an elite travel "A" program at the Squirt, Peewee, and Bantam levels.  Alliance's inaugural year, the 2001-2002 season, was so successful, that Alliance added a Midget team for the 2002-2003 season.  Since then we have continued to upgrade our offerings, both in quantity and quality, as we now currently field 15 teams at the A, AA, and AAA levels


In our first 6 seasons, Alliance has sent 7 teams to the USA Hockey National Championships, won 7 Rocky Mountain District Championships, won 13 State Championships, and won 13 League Championships.  For more information, see Alliance Accomplishments.


AYHA encompasses the "Alliance" of coaches, players, and parents to ensure proper player education and development to successfully compete at the highest level and maintain the integrity of the game of hockey.


The goals of Alliance are to continually work with the hockey community in the Dallas Fort Worth area in trying to improve and promote the development of hockey players.  All Alliance Teams are members of the Texas Amateur Hockey Association (TAHA).


Alliance Goals...

  • To provide the best professional coaching staff possible

  • To provide ongoing training of coaches and staff to ensure development of each hockey player

  • To provide an alliance between player, coach and parent to ensure success of each participant

  • To develop players in specialized skills on the ice

  • To develop players in off-ice development through nutrition counseling, dry-land training, and team building strategies

  • To enforce a zero tolerance policy* for drugs, alcohol and any other substance abuse

  • To enforce a zero tolerance policy* for poor sportsmanship

  • AYHA abides by the policies of USA Hockey

Alliance is Aggressive competitive Hockey

Alliance Youth Hockey Association (AYHA) shall provide the opportunity for players to participate in a competitive travel program for squirts, peewees, bantams, midget 16-U, and midget 18-U.   This program will support good sportsmanship and team play, and will work to build individual self-esteem and character.  The teams are members of TAHA and our Tier II teams (with exception of our 18U Prep team) will play in the North Texas Hockey LeagueOur Tier I teams and our 18U Prep team will play an independent tournament schedule. 

Alliance players will be required to attend additional tournaments both in Texas and outside the State.  Teams will compete in additional tournaments at the highest level at which they can be competitive. 

Alliance encourages all elite travel players who wish to play in an aggressive environment to come to our Tryouts.  Alliance believes each player should play with an association that matches the players skill level , development, and provides the appropriate environment for that particular child and family. 


Alliance Teams...


The Alliance Youth Hockey Association, with the purpose of escalating our foundation of development, expanding our reach across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and from the requests of many players and families throughout the area, will generally field teams at 3 different competitive levels within each age group, as the number of players and their respective talents & abilities allow. 


Tier I AAA:


Much like seasons past, we will house teams to compete at the highest level of Tier I competition across the country.   All Alliance Bulldogs Tier I AAA teams aim to provide a place for the best players Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas to come together at their specific age group & compete towards USA Hockey’s Tier I State, Regional, and National Championships For definition of Tier I vs. AAA, click HERE...


Tier II Prep:


Alliance Bulldog Tier II Prep teams will be in place for those players who are very close to contributing at the Tier I level, or who are being primed to make the transition to Tier I Hockey during the upcoming season or the following year.  Alliance Midget Major (18U) & Minor (16U) Prep teams will generally spend the season competing at mostly the Tier I level through an independent schedule of predominantly AAA events and showcases.  The Prep teams will compete alongside our other AA/A teams towards USA Hockey’s Tier II State, Regional, and National Championships


Tier II AA/A:


The staple of our program since its inception in 2001, our AA/A teams will compete for the NTXHL Championships at their respective age levels, as well as for the Tier II State, Regional, and National Championships along side their Tier II Prep Bulldog brethren.  Many of the current and former Alliance players that have moved on to our AAA and Prep programs began their Bulldog careers on one of our AA/A teams.



Player Fees...   

There are two (2) types of fees associated with playing for Alliance.   Association Fees are paid directly to Alliance, and Team Fees are paid to each individual team’s treasurer.

Association Fees are collected by the association for ice usage, coaches salaries, **league fees, USA Hockey Fees, banners, trophies, Off-Ice Training Facility, office supplies, and other overhead related expenses, insurance, and necessary items to carry on the daily business activities of an association.  The Alliance game jerseys and game socks will be an additional $250.00

Players selected to play for Alliance will be given several payment options at the time they are offered a contract.  The Association Fees (excluding game jerseys and socks) for the 2007-2008 season have not yet been determined, but as a point of reference, indicated below are the fees from the 2006-2007 season:

Team Tier I AAA Tier II Prep Tier II AA
Mite Prep NA $1,750.00 NA
Squirt NA $2,750.00 $2,750.00
PeeWee $3,300.00 $3,300.00 $3,200.00
Bantam $3,500.00 $3,300.00 $3,200.00
Midget Minor $4,100.00 $3,300.00 $3,200.00
Midget Major NA $3,300.00 $3,200.00

** Association fees will include league costs for all teams except our Tier I AAA Teams, which will play independent tournament schedules, and will not participate in a league.  If any other team is evaluated to play an independent schedule, the fees collected for the league will be reimbursed into the team account for tournament use (see Team Fees below).  We will be evaluating the team and the league competition as readily as that information is available.

Team Fees, which are not included in the Association fees indicated above, are collected on a monthly basis by the team’s treasurer to cover tournaments, referee fees for non-league games, coaches’ travel expenses, team activities, and the like.  Each family is responsible for providing the expenses for their player to travel, whether it is across the city or across the US.  This may include hotel, airfare, bus fair, or the like.

Refund Policy: 

All payments made to Alliance are non-refundable.

Late registration:  

Players who are taken on a team after tryouts will receive no reductions in fees.

Player release: 

Player release will be viewed on a case by case basis.  Releases to play for another association will be based on the player's account being current. An Alliance account is considered current when all ANNUAL association and team fees have been paid. All ANNUAL ASSOCIATION fees is defined as the fees due until the end of the season. Alliance will honor the player release guidelines and acceptances of the other associations in our area.


Alliance  holds regular board meetings. Anyone who is a member of Alliance may come and speak at a Board meeting.   Membership is defined as any coach, player and players parents.   If you would like to be on the agenda for the board meeting and to speak, please contact the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Concerns and Grievances:   

Concerns and grievances involved in teams should be handled within the team structure.  Each team will elect by coach approval a Team Manager.  The team manager will first handle all situations after a 24 hour cooling down period. If the team manager cannot resolve the situation, they will speak with the board  for assistance.  The team manager will set up the next appropriate steps.  The team manager, coach, and membership always have the Board to rely on for assistance.  The Board will not hear a grievance until the proper procedures have been followed.  

Alliance has a zero tolerance policy for bad sportsmanship.

Games and practices  

The league determines the number of league games.  Each team will determine the number of additional games to be played locally and out of state.  The general feeling of Alliance is to be an AGGRESSIVE travel program.  Consider playing for Alliance as a serious commitment to Youth Hockey.  Practice schedules will be available after tryouts.  

Team rosters are final on December 31st of each year.


All Alliance players will be USA Hockey Certified and will be eligible under USA Hockey coverage.  If additional insurance is desired, the player must obtain the insurance privately.


Hockey is a TEAM sport. It is necessary for all players to attend all practices and games.  Excused absences should be arranged according to your individual teams guideline to be given out at the first team meeting.

Travel Requirements:

New requirements for international travel are just one result of the changes in our society as a result of security concerns by the U.S. Government.  Alliance would like to inform our players and families of these requirements as they relate to travel in general, but also as they relate specifically to travel while playing hockey for the Alliance Youth Hockey Association. 

Time to apply and receive a passport, the required documents necessary, where to apply, as well as the cost associated, need to be considered by those needing one.   Recent experience indicates the cost to be approximately $120 to receive one in 4-6 weeks, and an approximate $80 expedite fee to receive one within 2 weeks.  Indicated below is information from and links to the official website of the U.S. Department or State that will be helpful in fulfilling these new requirements.

Get or Renew Passport  (

New Requirements for Travelers Between the United States and the Western Hemisphere

Travelers to and from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico and Canada will be required to have a passport or other secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States.  This is a change from prior travel requirements and will affect all United States citizens entering the United States from countries within the Western Hemisphere who do not currently possess valid passports. 

This new requirement will also affect certain foreign nationals who currently are not required to present a passport to travel to the United States.  Most Canadian citizens, citizens of the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, and to a lesser degree, Mexican citizens will be affected by the implementation of this requirement. 

Proposed Timeline for Implementation for Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Requirements

The travel initiative requirements will be rolled out in phases, providing as much advance notice as possible to the affected public to enable them to meet the terms of the new guidelines.   The proposed implementation timeline is as follows:

·         December 31, 2005 – Passport or other accepted document required for all travel (air/sea) to or from the Caribbean, Bermuda, Central and South America.

·         December 31, 2006 – Passport or other accepted document required for all air and sea travel to or from Mexico and Canada.

·         December 31, 2007 – Passport or other accepted document required for all air, sea and land border crossings.

Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page  (

This site will allow you to find the nearest location to apply for a passport. It is provided by the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Passport Services/Customer Service, which designates many post offices, clerks of court, public libraries and other state, county, township, and municipal government offices to accept passport applications on its behalf.

This page allows you to search by one of three search scopes - Zip Code, State, or State/City.  Once you enter your criteria, click on the "Search" button to view a list of the nearest designated passport application facilities.

Scholastic Guidelines:  

Alliance strongly encourages players and their parents to monitor academic performance. If a player is having academic difficulties, Alliance encourages you to work directly with the coach to help resolve the situation.  Academic probation by a coach is accepted policy at Alliance.

Locker Rooms: 

Locker rooms will be supervised by coaches or by coach appointment.  Parents are not allowed in the locker rooms.  There will be plenty of adults in the locker room to tie skates if necessary.

Alliance Suspensions:  

Suspensions are real at Alliance. Perceived violations of the code of Ethics, but not limited to only this document, will result in suspension from Alliance activities which include practices and games.  See CODE OF CONDUCT

Individual Team Rules:   

Team rules will be handed out and discussed by each coach at the first team meeting after tryouts. Parents and players will acknowledge receipt of these rules  which will be understood and agreed to by all involved. In general, behavior such as fighting, foul language, temper tantrums on or off the ice, stick banging and excessive penalties will not be tolerated.  Gawking to other teams will not be tolerated.

Team Email Distribution List: 

Alliance membership is not allowed to use team email distribution list for personal business or to conduct conversations expressing opinions.  The email box is to be used by the Team manager and Coach to distribute important information concerning the team only.

Player equipment:  

Players need to provide all of their own equipment:  USA hockey approved helmet, facemask and mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, skates, hockey pants, supporter, shin guards and 2 sticks.  Jerseys, socks, and team spirit wear will be purchased directly from the association  Director of Merchandise.

Dress Code:   

Dress code for each team will be determined by the head coach

Parent Participation:   

YES, Alliance wants every parent to feel a part of their child's hockey experience.  Please channel these energies in fun and positive ways.  Get Involved!  Fundraise, learn how to run the clock, keep score, work the penalty box, plan a team party!  Take pictures and submit them to the Alliance Web Site Coordinator.  Help write game summaries for publishing to the Alliance web site. The Team Manager will have a list of all the jobs that need to be done throughout the year.

Players Playing "up" a level:  

Players must exhibit a higher standard of physical and mental ability than their peer group.  Players must exhibit skill in the higher age group in the top percentage of the higher level team.  All players eligible to play up must be approved by the Head of Coaches who will use board consultation.  Players who exhibit higher levels of talent during the season, may from time to time ,be invited to the next level of play teams practices.  This will be determined by the coaches of the two teams involved.  Alliance strongly promotes player development and will try to allow every player to improve their skills as the coaches seem fit.  

Last, but not least...

 Please remember that playing a youth sport is for the pleasure of each and every parent to see their child having fun and achieving THEIR goals, not necessarily YOURS. The players will be successful in their own right if they are learning and having fun.


















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